Tsedal Neeley

Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Harvard Business School and founder of the consulting firm Global Matters.

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The Language of Global Success AXIOM Best Business Book Winner

“Language is everywhere. It flows across and touches the entire spectrum of global organizational processes.”

—Tsedal Neeley

Hiroshi Mikitani

“Congratulations on the new book, Professor Tsedal Neeley! You’ve been a terrific source of insights and perspective on our Englishnization program at Rakuten. I’m sure your guidance and research would be of enormous value to any company’s globalization efforts.”

—Hiroshi Mikitani, CEO of Rakuten

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September 25

I think this would be amazing @kelticwai17. Why not try it and see. https://t.co/xakeLl3DEX

September 25

#RemoteWorkRevolution https://t.co/4HeHnLCqIs

September 24

#Globalization: This is where global-local adeptness matters. Regulatory demands will vary. These issues can be ant… https://t.co/wephD75wvj

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